Thomas Ferrando: At the age of 12, I tested what will become the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

Thomas Ferrando drives this season for Alex Caffi Motorsports. After the first round of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, he talks with us about the beginning of his career and his weekend in Valencia.

What is your career in motorsport ?

I started around my house with a pedal car but also drifting with my father. One day, a good friend, Olivier Bâcle, my future team manager and inveterate spotter, suggested to my parents to introduce me to karting. From 7 to 12 years old, I practiced this sport throughout Europe by participating in the regional championships in the PACA region (France), then in the French cups and championships, in the Belgian championship (of which I am vice champion) and int the world cup.
But karting is expensive and we did not find partners. Olivier Bâcle came to meet us and said: “I have a friend, Jérôme Galpin, promoter of a new series, the Euro racecar. You should try ! ”
So for the first time, at 12 and a half I tried what will become the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. The year of my 14 years, we went to do some races in the USA because there it is possible to participate in competitions at this age. Finally, since I was 16, I drive in the NASCAR Whelen Euro series.

Can you tell us about how you felt about your first car race and how did you live this experience when you were only 14 years old ?

I especially felt very lucky! It was still amazing to race 200 laps at Bowman Gray at 14! During this race, I think I learned a lot, including how to fight cleanly and especially understand the NASCAR spirit, which is a huge family around the world.
You have experienced highs and lows in Valencia. Can you tell us about your weekend?

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

You have experienced highs and lows in Valencia. Can you tell us about your weekend ?

You know, this winter has been complicated with the unsuccessful search for sponsors, after the announcement of the end of the sensational sponsorship of Knauf for 4 years.
We learned very late that we could finally make the season. We have not been able to test this winter. In Vanlence, we had some mechanical problems but we showed in round 2 our potential to aim for the top 10. So there was not only bad from there and I think it was even promising outside the problems.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

The tires and suspensions have changed this year. Was it easy to adapt to these changes despite the lack of testing ?

I think the weekend has allowed me to understand only a small part of these changes. The tires being so particular, I think it will take a little more testing to understand them really !
On the other hand the adaptation to the suspensions was very fast I did not have any problem with.

What are your goals this season ?

My objectives are quite simple : to win as many races as possible and to play first place in the Elite 1 championship.
We are aiming for the Junior title, but if we can win the championship, we will do it !

Interview of Thomas Ferrando on April 20, 2019 by Guillaume Hesnault