Naveh Talor – Solaris Motorsport

Credits: Naveh Talor

“Since my first Euro NASCAR test at Franciacorta during the Recruitment Days, I understood that this series would be my future. The awesome engine power, the huge brakes and the intense challenge to be in sync with the car convinced me to take on this adventure,” said Talor, who lived in the US for 8 years and is now majoring in Electronics.”

A two times Israeli karting champion, Talor is focused on the his new challenge: “I’m a big fan of the series, Alon Day’s success was a big push for me to join in on the fun as a fellow Israeli and try to bring more pride to our small country. To have the chance to race with Solaris Motorsport and to have an expert driver as Francesco alongside me makes me confident about the season. I want to thank the whole team and my parents for this great opportunity. I’ll push as much as I can in order to conquer the podium as often as I can.”

According to the press release of March 03, 2019

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