Jérôme Galpin, part 2 : The adventure has just begun

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

Here is the continuation of our interview with Jérôme Galpin, the first part is visible here.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

Why did you choose NASCAR ?

NASCAR has a particular state of mind and that corresponds to our temperament, there is a real cursor that is put between people and human relations. This discipline leaves an important place to the Human because there is no electronics and only the drivers make the difference. For the mechanical part there is no need for engineers or excessive telemetry, only human skills are solicited and therefore make the difference.

At a time some series are facing difficulties, how do you explain this success for 10 years ?

We work a lot with the teams and the drivers and it’s really based on the relationship with them. It’s an exchange, trying to listen to everyone and make the right choices. It is a question of balance because the teams are economically fragile, so we must pay attention to each modification of the rules. We are fortunate to be in contact with more than 2,000 people involved in NASCAR. So when we have a technical question, marketing, regulation or anything, there is always someone who, from the top of Nascar 70 years history, can inform us. We are very attentive to work with our drivers, our teams and NASCAR and paying attention to the budget part wich is really important.

What is the budget for a driver for a season?

The budget for a driver will be on average around 70 000 € for the season and this can reach up to 100 000 € for a top team. For a team that starts, the budget is generally below average. If today we take the ratio between the budget and the perspectives in the case you are NWES champion, NWES certainly offers one of the best ratio in Europe, every disciplines of motorsport included. With the title, you go to Charlotte, you win (the right to race,nt) overseas. Those are significant gains in comparison with other European disciplines for a budget that barely corresponds to a national series. I think we are in a Clio CUP budget so the ratio budget/performance of the car is interesting. There is also the popularity of events. Few series exist where we can drive in front of 40,000 people like Brands Hatch.

21 nationalities represented this year, were you expecting such international success at the launch of the series ?

When we started we would never have imagined becoming a NASCAR series and that is growing so much and we would not have thought of being there today but when we see the potential we have not made more than 25 or 30% of the way and potential of the series so there are many beautiful things to come.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

What are the evolutions that you envisage for the championship in the years to come ?

We are fortunate to have good partners but we will not be able to extend the schedule indefinitely. Each time we add an event, it requires more budget for teams and drivers, so we have to grow together. 6 or 7 races is very good in a year and we are thinking about the possibility of establishing a rotation because we have many requests from the tracks.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

Is it planned in the short or medium term to make a partnership with a simulation ?

The simulations (Iracing, Nascar Heat) is quite pointed and there is a real correlation between the two worlds. We would like to try to go further to establish a bridge between the video game and the reality so yes we are clearly working with NASCAR and simulations.

At the time when several series choose the V6, is it possible for you or is it important to keep the V8 ?

We have to see how it evolves and if it makes sense, if it is making changes that does not bring anything to the show and the series, then no, but if there are some things that are done and allows us to make a big step forward making it more spectacular or more fun to drive so why not. We are very attached to the spectacle proposed to our fans and to the driving pleasure cars give to our drivers.

NWES cars were absent at the Race Of Champions in Mexico. Can we expect a return at the next edition ?

We have excellent relations with Frederik Johnson (organizer of the ROC) and his whole team but we were involved in the WRC at Monte Carlo a week later. Our programs were not compatible. The drivers are always very happy to ride our cars, so yes, you will have the chance to see our cars at the ROC.

Credits : Race of Champions
Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

What work do you do on the cars at Blois in France ?

We manage the engine work because they are sealed and the teams are not allowed to open them. We also manage the spare parts service here and we offer our services to the teams as a logistic platform as for the Memphis team based in Sweden or the Go Fas based in the United States. They can send their cars at Blois and their mechanics to work on it. We also take care of the winter review for some teams so their cars are ready for the start of the season. Finally, we build new cars and we recondition some that have already run.

Interview of Jérome Galpin on the 29th March 2019 directed by Guillaume Hesnault